Advance SEO Content Tips for Bloggers

When you get the basics of SEO content down and you know how to use images, headings, write around a theme and create a good title, it’s time to move on to more advanced tips. The following advanced content tips for better SEO can make a massive difference in your ranking.

It Starts with Your Software

Choosing the right CMS and plugins makes a huge difference with your SEO. When you’re blogging to get to the top of the rankings, you need to trust the best in the business, which is WordPress.

Consistent, Usable Content

Once you know how to format your content, use your keyword phrases and create a good blog post, you need to start doing it often. Some types of blogs require daily content, but at the very least, you need to create posts once or twice a week. Most blogs will benefit from three to four posts a week, but if you’re in a highly competitive industry, such as hosting or weight loss, you may need to write one per day.

Plan Your Posts Before Writing

It can seem overwhelming to write a post a day or even a few posts a week. However, if you plan your posts, it becomes easier. For example, if your blog is aimed at helping people with weight loss, you could do a series of posts about different parts of the overall journey. Using a series or a part one, part two set of blog posts can make it easier to expand your content, cover broader themes and create more posts.

Engage Your Readers

The bounce rate of your blog is an important part of SEO and engaging your readers will keep this low. If you want to make sure your blog SEO is the best it can be, you need to provide content your readers will enjoy.

Guest Blogging

A very powerful way to gain massive SEO, get backlinks and take some pressure off content creation is with guest blogging. Finding others in the industry willing to provide high quality guest posts for your blog can fill in the gaps when you need good content. You can do the same for other blogs to create quality backlinks and gain traffic.

Provide Resources, Images and More

Some of the best ways to make your blog posts better in quality and SEO is with images and links to sites that make sense. When you provide a quality resource linking to another blog post on your own blog or someone else’s blog, the search engines love your content. This also helps the reader, especially if you’re explaining a process or providing a tip with a link to something usable with that specific part of the post.

Use these advanced SEO content tips, along with the basics you already know to create your content. With regular, high-quality content, you can build your blog to a new level.