Are You Ready for More Leads?

Prime Seller Leads was recently featured on the BombBomb Blog because of the way we use video drip campaigns to generate leads. It's an easy way to bring in more real estate seller leads. Here's how it works and what BombBomb had to say about it.

BombBomb Logo"The system from Prime Seller Leads allows real estate agents to get more leads and convert more home sellers into clients. When you pair this with the simple video BombBomb provides, you end up with a very powerful way to use both and generate excellent leads."

                       – BombBomb Blog

The Power of Video

Prime Seller Leads LogoBy using video to reach new leads, you will be providing more than just words. A face, a voice and the ability to let potential clients meet you, via video, is a great way to convert more leads into sales.

BombBomb coupled with Prime Seller Leads allows you to not only find more new leads, but also follow up, convert more leads and nurture the leads. Real estate customers can use this system to cut their outbound calls in half or more. This can also help to save time and money for real estate agents.

Along with the simple one-to-one video, it's possible to die in a series of videos via email and use them as a drip campaign to reach new leads. This is some of the power of BombBomb and Prime Seller Leads.

Once the videos are recorded and the emails are put together, you can set them up to easily drip feed via email, to those signed up to receive your emails. This means you won't be losing as many leads because you will be able to convert more leads into sales.

The Partnership

Since Prime Seller Leads and BombBomb have partnered to create this very powerful system, you can use the drip campaign feature from inside your Prime Seller Leads account. This makes it very easy to generate more leads and create a higher conversion rate for those leads.

Creating Your Videos

When you create your videos, you will want to smile and talk to just one person in every video. Even though these videos will be seen by hundreds of people, if you speak to just one person, it will be more personal.

You will want to tell them that you will be calling soon and let the know what to expect. This will help to increase the chances they will take your call instead of letting you leave a message.

Be clear in the videos and get to the point. You don't want to talk forever, as some may not watch your video if they know it's really long.

If you're looking for a great way to get the best system for your lead generation and conversion, check out the Prime Seller Leads with new features provided by BombBomb.