Avoiding SEO Shortcuts Will Keep Your Business Afloat

The fastest way to watch your online business go from a viable source of income to dead weight is using SEO shortcuts. SEO or search engine optimization is a very powerful way to gain massive traffic to your website, blog, landing pages or any other online entity. However, when you make the wrong choices to save money or time, you could find your site banned by the search engines.

The easiest way to protect your business from falling off the face of Google is with a professional SEO service. However, if you plan to handle the SEO yourself, it’s important to avoid these specific shortcuts.

Stock Product Descriptions

If the manufacturers of your products provides you with descriptions you can use, they can do more harm than good. Even though these types of descriptions won’t incur a penalty from Google, they don’t provide any rewards, either. The issue with using these is other sites will also use them, which creates duplicate content.

Google and other search engines reward unique content, which stock product descriptions are not. The best way to avoid this penalty, rewrite the description and make it unique content.

Fake Profiles

When you choose to pay the wrong company to help you build links, you may end up penalizes form fake profiles. Some companies use software to create profiles with your link all over the web. This used to work, but the search engines see right through the fake profiles now and you’ll only end up causing more harm than good.

Buying Links

The major target of the last years’ worth of Google updates has been linking. Buying links isn’t a good way to go because you could end up with links from bad neighborhoods or Google might see through your link building strategy. Search engines want to see natural growth, which includes low, medium and high quality links from many types of sites. If you buy the wrong links, you could find your site struggling to rank where customers can actually find you.

Weak Content

Content is a vital part of your SEO strategy and bad content is the quickest way to burry your website below the top pages. Any spun content, content with errors or duplicate content will lead to a drop in the rankings fast. The easiest way to avoid this, hire only writers capable of providing excellent content, but understand, you’ll have to pay more than a penny per word to get high quality content.

Link Spamming

Blog commenting and other link building strategies can work great, if they’re done correctly. Whenever you buy software that creates large amounts of links or pay some company for thousands of links, you will destroy the reputation of your website. This isn’t a good idea and you want to avoid any shortcut that creating links through spam.

Make sure you avoid any SEO shortcuts that sound too good to be true. Most of the process can be automated through a professional SEO company not using automatic software to build links and create content. Good SEO is an investment and it’s not cheap, but it will pay off now and in the future.