How you can Gain Traffic and Leads with Real Estate SEO?

Lead GenerationTraffic to your website and plenty of leads for listings and buyers are what drive a real estate agent's website. Without traffic, you can have the best looking site and the best content, but not profits. Here are a few tips to help you gain more traffic and leads with real estate SEO.

Make Local Keyword Phrases your Target

Since nearly 70% of those shopping for a home will start on Google or another search engine with a keyword phrase, like "San Antonio realtor," you want to target local keywords. When optimizing your sites consider your city or target area pairs with the words:

  • Real estate
  • Real estate listings
  • Realtor
  • Real estate agent
  • Homes for sale

These words with your city throughout your pages will help set you up to get the most out of your website SEO.

Create the Right Type of Blog Posts

Some real estate agents only write blog posts about homes they really want to sell. While these posts are helpful, you should also do posts about area restaurants, attractions, events and other community related posts.

This will help to give your blog and website more diverse traffic from the target area, along with more localized content. In addition, the blog posts will have the opportunity to gain ranking in the search engines, as well.

Evergreen content, such as "top ten lists," "restaurant spotlights" and "neighbourhood profiles" will help pull in traffic over the long term. However, a post about a home listing is only good until the home has been sold.

Use Pictures and Video

Engaging your visitors is important. Nobody wants to find a home listing without a number of pictures or even a video. Regardless if it's a home listing or a blog post, you should incorporate pictures and video, whenever it makes sense.

Use Social Media

Not only will using social media help to build traffic, but it will also help you build a community and better overall SEO. Every blog post you create should be shared on your social channels, especially Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

With these tips, you can gain better SEO and ranking with your real estate website. This will help generate more traffic, more leads and more profits for you. If you don't have time to implement a full real estate SEO plan, hire a professional and make sure you get the most out of your website.