What Should you Know about WordPress SEO for 2015?

Wordpress road signSEO seems to be something that changes often. With so many websites and blogs using WordPress, it's important to understand a few things for WordPress SEO for 2015.

Some of the normal things have not changes, such as:

  • Content is still king
  • Premium theme still provide better SEO benefits
  • Plugins are still necessary for great SEO
  • You still need an XML Sitemap
  • Social sharing is still very important

However, there's more to your SEO than just picking the right theme, adding a few plugins, creating a sitemap, creating content and sharing it. Here are a few of the other things you should know about SEO for WordPress for 2015.

Content Provides Great Optimization

High quality content will provide your WordPress website with the absolute best optimization. It's the foundation and you won't make it very far without great content. Make sure to use keywords wisely and write for the reader more than for Google and other search engines.

Use Shorter Permalinks

Many WordPress users make the mistake of creating very long permalinks, which the search engines don't like. Keep these as short as possible and remember, the first four words of the permalink are the only part Google cares about.

Choose the Right Theme

Some themes, especially free themes, don't provide much help for SEO. However, other themes are created specifically to give you excellent SEO. The layout and the design should be simple and lightweight. The less code you have, the better, as it will make your site load faster and make it easier for Google to find the relevant content.

Use a Blog and Social Media

Blog posts are perfect for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social sites. This makes it much easier to create better SEO. Make sure you create quality posts and promote them throughout all of your social networks.

Avoid Flash, Black Hat and Mirror HTML Sites

Three things that can kill your SEO faster than anything else is using Flash, Mirror HTML Sites and black hat SEO tricks. All three can get you punished by Google, if you feel like you are being sneaky or cheating the system, it's probably a bad idea.

There are many ways to ensure you get the best SEO possible for your WordPress website. It all starts with a great theme and moves from there to excellent content. With the foundation in place, you will be able to exchange backlinks, share posts on social sites and build your WordPress website to rank better on Google and the many other search engines.