How to Make your Website Content Evergreen

Some web pages and blog posts are certainly not meant to last forever. However, many pages and posts can do much better.

Many of the posts and pages published on websites today don't have the necessary qualities to be called evergreen. This means, a few months or even a year after the post or page was published, it will become useless. These pages will become a part of the billions found out there that don't get found, read or remembered.

What is Evergreen Content?

ContentThe basic definition of evergreen content is a page or post that gains search traffic many months and even years after it was published. Some of the features of evergreen content include:

  • About both the Readers and the Search Traffic
  • Relevant to more than one type of reader
  • Not just posts and pages, but infographics, images and other types of content

Not all types of content can be evergreen and that's fine. However, if it's a page or post you want to bring traffic for more than just a few weeks, it needs to contain the right features to be evergreen content.

What Type of Content is the Best for Evergreen Pages and Posts?

Certain types of content are capable of bringing in traffic today and for years into the future. This content isn't just for the readers, but also for the search engines. Some of the best types of content for evergreen status include:

  • Definitions
  • Explanations
  • Case Studies
  • Tips
  • How-To Articles
  • Non-Tech Articles – Mainly dealing with personal characteristics and behavior

These types of content will provide something people can search for today and ten years from now and still find the same answers useful. For example, the definition of a word or thing isn't going to change in a decade. It will still mean the same things, so definitions are very evergreen.

Making your Content Evergreen

There are a few very important components that go into making your content evergreen. It starts with quality and relevance, but there's more to it. Some of the things you should do to make your content evergreen include:

  • Display the Date
  • Update our Content Routinely
  • Let Readers Know the Page or Post was updated
  • Tell readers the page or post deals with an older topic, and then link to a new article

All of these tips will help you to create evergreen content. With more evergreen content on your website and blog, you will bring in more traffic today, tomorrow and even ten years from now.