What Should Small Businesses Know about SEO and Social Media?

SEO DoodleFinding the right tips for your small business website and SEO isn't always easy. There are many things you should consider and many things you want to avoid. Here are a few uncomplicated tips to help you with the social side of your small business SEO.

Optimizing your Profiles

When you decide to use social media, you need to make your profiles as SEO-friendly as possible. This is done by creating a descriptive page with the about and information sections filled out accurately. Use key words and phrases to help describe your business and make sure you include your address, city, state and zip code.

It's also important to make sure you link from your social media profiles and pages back to your main website. This will help you get the most out of your social profiles.

Optimize Your Updates and Content

The content you share on social media needs to be relevant to your industry and to the search keywords you are trying to target. When you provide tweets, Facebook updates and other social media interaction, you want to make sure it's content that fits your main topic. If it's possible to use your business name, you should.

Make Your Blog Posts Sharable

When you share a blog post on your social media profiles, you want to make sure it's sharable. This will help you reach more people and gain better ranking.

You should add social share buttons to each piece of content, but you should also make sure the quality of the content is very high. This means you should provide content your readers can actually use.

Use Pinterest and Google+

You want to get listed on Google, but you don't use Google+. Does that even make sense? It's the social network of the largest search engine in the world. Even if you don't like it, you need to use it.

Along with Google+, you may be reluctant to use Pinterest. It's not the same as the other types of social media sties, but it can be very powerful. Make sure you join and give others the option to share your images on Pinterest.

Create Your Google+ Local Listing

Manu businesses forget to claim and create their Google+ local listing. This needs to be done, as Google has stated that 97% of consumers do a local search online for businesses. With a local Google+ page, you will be able to reach a higher listing for your business when it comes to local searches.

There are many ways to increase your overall SEO profile, but social media is one of the best for small businesses. Not only will you see higher rankings, but you will also gain more traffic from using social media properly.