What Does it Take to Get Attention for Your Content?

Formulating an amazing blog post is one thing, but actually getting is seen is another. Many bloggers spend years trying to figure out how to get more eyes on their content without much success. Here are a few quick tips to help put your content in front of the reader and get the attention you deserve.

The Headline

Any content guru will tell you it's all about the headline. Not only does the headline need to fit with the algorithm used by top search engines, such as Google and Bing, but it must also grab the attention of the reader.

This isn't a new strategy at all. Attention grabbing headlines have been used for centuries to sell newspapers, warn people of different things and even back in the days of cave drawings we see this strategy at play. Any blog post you write needs an attention grabbing headline or it's dead before it goes live.

The best headlines use the laws of basic human psychology to make readers want to click on the link and read the content. You have about eight seconds to grab the attention of the internet searcher and you're fighting with hundreds of other messages they see every day. Using humor, fear, greed and other human emotional triggers can help get more eyes on your content.

Thought-Provoking Images

With the world of social media exploding over the past five to seven years, images have become an even more powerful way to get eyes on your content. Adding a thought provoking image to your content makes it easier to read and better for social sharing. Think about all the times you clicked on an image when browsing Facebook because if caught your attention.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, if not more, and can complement your headline perfectly. When these two are used to grab attention and make the viewer wonder what they are missing, your content will receive more clicks and more readers.

Optimization Matters

You could write the absolute best headline, use a thought-provoking image and follow it all with an amazing blog post, but it may still never get seen. If the blog post doesn't make it through the social channels and never makes it into the Google search results, you will struggle to get the headline in front of anybody.

Creating "ever green" content or content that doesn't have an expiration date is the first step in optimizing your blog and attracting more readers. This includes "how-to guides," tips, question and answer and other types of content that can be referenced for many years in to the future.

As you create this type of content, proper optimization with a theme in mind, will help you gain higher and more sustainable ranking with the search engines. Delivering what the headline promises and using specific tags with your images and within your content can help with proper optimization.

If you follow these three tips and you create excellent content, you will be in position to gain more attention. Make sure to share you content on all the social channels you currently use and do your best to optimize it for the search engines.