The Most Uncomplicated Small Business SEO Tips Out There

SEOMany small business owners make SEO out to be much more difficult than it is. Whether they decide to outsource the task or do it themselves, it's still important to understand the most basic parts of SEO. Here's a look a few of the most uncomplicated tips you can use for better SEO.

Optimize your Content

Content is the lifeblood of SEO and you simply cannot rank well without good content. Optimizing the content is no longer about shoving keywords in wherever they sound okay. Really, if you use the main keyword or a version of the keyword in the title and the content follows with the keyword once or twice, you won't need much more. As long as the content follows the topic and fulfills the promise of the title, you have the base needed to rank well on Google.

Make Content Sharable

Social Media plays a huge part in your ranking and if your content isn't shareable, it's a waste. Shareable content will allow you to build links naturally without doing much work at all. You will get more likes, comments, retweets and +1s if your content is sharable.

This is done by making it interesting and providing value. The more interesting your content is and the more the reader finds the answer to what they were looking for, the more sharable it becomes.

Don't Forget about Google+

Since Google is the largest and most powerful of all the search engines, it only makes sense to use their social networking site. Google+ may not be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, but it's important to your SEO.

For a business, you should have a Google+ local listing and you should spend a few minutes every day on Google+. Google has stated that about 97% of consumers will search for local businesses online, so having a good Google+ Local listing makes a huge difference.  Make sure you keep the information up to date and match it with your other social profiles.

Use a Blog and Don't Hide it

So many small businesses have a blog, but stopped using it months or even years ago. Many others don't even have a blog. The search engines love blogs and all it takes is one or two posts a week to give your site an SEO boost.

It's important to make your blog visible, too. Many sites try to hide it by linking to it only in the footer or not at all from their main site. This is a mistake, as the blog may bring in regular readers that are or will become regular customers.

These are just a few of the most uncomplicated tips for small business SEO. Even if you outsource this task, you should understand these tips so that you know you are outsourcing to a trustworthy SEO company.