Top 5 Tips for Real Estate Agents and SEO

Search Engine OptimizationIf you want to see your real estate website climb to the top of Google, it's important to understand SEO. Of course, you're a busy real estate agent looking to become even busier. This means you may not have the time to do your own SEO.

Hiring a professional is a great way to go, but you still need to have a good understanding of how SEO for real estate websites works. This will help you choose the right professional to get you to the top. Here are five simple tips every real estate agent should know about SEO.

Make Local Keywords your Target

With so many shoppers turning to their phone and types in phrases, such as "New York City Real Estate Agent" it's important to target local keywords on your website. You may service more than one city or region, but the main city should begin as your target. You can make the rest your target later on.

Use Your Blog Properly

Too many real estate agents only post home listing to their blog or don't post at all. The blog is a huge tool for gaining traffic and provides plenty of help when it comes to SEO.

Not only should posts be about homes you want to sell, but they should also be about local events, businesses, restaurants, things to do and local news. This will help draw more visitors to your website from the area you serve.

A Mobile-Friendly Site is a Must

If your website isn't already mobile-friendly, this must be done. So many people search on their smartphones and tablets today and you don't want to miss out just because your website isn't mobile-friendly.

Social Media is your Friend

Social media can help you gain powerful traffic and links for SEO. When you share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms, it may just create a local buzz. This can help you connect with your audience and score some much needed SEO points in the process.

Increase Quality Content

The more quality content you add to your website and your blog, the more traffic potential you have and the better change you have of building your SEO profile. Posting to your blog just once or twice a month isn't enough. You should be posting at least twice per week, if not more.

Along with increasing content on the blog, providing community guides for attractions, dining and other important things will help. You should also have a page dedicated to every city, town, neighborhood or region you serve. This will help you gain higher listing for more specific searches potential buyers and sellers may use in Google.

Use these tips to increase your overall SEO for your real estate website. If you don't have the time to do your own SEO, make sure you hire a professional with the ability to provide all of these SEO tips for you.