Why Should You Use Content for SEO?

If you don't think about content marketing whenever the term search engine optimization comes up, you need to change your thinking.

The Google expert Matt Cutts has said it time and time again, "Quality content is the key to Google Ranking." He's not the only one, either. Duane Forrester from Bing has said, "All SEO ranking signals revolve around content of some kind."

Search-friendly, high-quality content is vital to your SEO success. Content makes it easy to populate a website and blog with keyword phrases relevant to the overall theme. This makes SEO possible and much easier for the long term.

Searchers Want Information

When somebody accesses the internet and types something into Google, Yahoo or Bing, they are looking for information. The search engines put an emphasis on providing the best possible experience for those using their search engine. Without relevant information, it's very difficult to achieve high ranking on any search engine.

Social Media Counts on Content

Content is shared through social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest every single day. Whether it's a blog post, a page, a product review, a video or an image, people are sharing content all over their social network profiles.

As this happens, you gain better SEO from both the content and the social signals. Did you know, 20% of the social media messages posted include a link to some type of written content? Nearly 30 million pieces of content are shared through social media sites every day and 60% of the content-shared messages mention a specific brand, website or product by name.

According to US B2B Marketers, 44% of business websites sharing content on social media sites have seen a positive bump in their visitors, while only 1% reported a negative experience. Bing specifically looks at the "likes" you receive on Facebook for ranking, while Google looks at both Twitter and Google+ as ranking signals.

High-Quality Content Converts

Not only do you need to get the right people to your website, but you also need to convert them into customers. Here are a few stats proving that high-quality content helps with conversions

  • 57% of marketers have said they gained new customers through their blogs
  • 52% of consumers say blogs help them make a purchase decision
  • 60% of business owners use blogs to help them make product decisions
  • 61% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a website with custom content on their blog
  • 19% of buyers in the beauty industry say they made a purchase because they found a blog post with a search engine

The bottom line, content is still king and always will be. Content is why we get online and can be used to help convert visitors into customers.