What Should You Know about Social Media if you’re a Realtor?

TwitterSocial media is one of the best ways to connect with your target market online and fast. With the right profile, updates and other information, you can reach your target audience easily through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media sites.

You don't have to trust just a bus bench or newspaper ad to get the word out if you're a realtor. Now, you can use social media to build your business, create better SEO and so much more. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your social profiles if you're a realtor.

Stay Consistent

When you share on social media, you want the content to remain consistent. Share often on Twitter and Facebook and you will get better results. You can use a tool, such as HootSuite to ensure you stay consistent. This tool will allow you to schedule your updates.

Remember, Real Estate is Local

When you work within a business that is local, you have to keep this in mind. Your content should talk about local things, such as the great slice of pizza you had the other day, the best place to get coffee, top local parks, local news and other thing important to those in your area.

Whether you are sharing a blog post on social sites, posting a status update or sharing an article, make sure you remember to keep it local as often as possible.

Create a Content Strategy

You need a content strategy. This should include what you plan to put on your blog and share on social media, along with the most relevant content for your brand and audience. If you only deal with luxury real estate, you may want to share things from the finer restaurants and luxury attractions in the area. However, if your target market is families with school-aged children, your content strategy may need to include information about school districts and news about what is going on at local schools.

Measure and Adjust

Measuring your success on Facebook and other social media channels will help you make the right adjustments to your strategy. If you see that a post about something specific was commented on multiple times and liked over 100 times, while a different post barely received any likes, you may want to adjust to accommodate more posts like the first one.

Social media is a great tool for realtors to meet their target audience, find new leads and keep in contact with current customers. The right strategy for social media will help you gain traffic to your website, along with many SEO benefits. It may be a good idea to hire a professional for your social media strategy.